Why We Are The Best?

Our purpose is to realize opportunity for the benefit of our clients, our shareholders and our people. We are in business to be profitable, but it is the way we do business that defines us.

Registered Company

We are registered under Idaho Secretary of States Commission’s Office of the United States of America. To verify, Kindly search for 'Energy Global Investments (USA) INC. (419056)' on IDAHO Website


Advisory Account

Your account with Energy Global Investments is a managed account and this means that as a client you’ll be in contact with your financial advisor at all times for continues update and assistance.



Our website resides on a dedicated server with DDoS protection and SSL certificates, so attacks are virtually impossible. You can access your personal dashboard anytime, anywhere – 24/7.



We seek to identify opportunity and realize it for our clients, community, shareholders and our people. We start with real knowledge and skill. We encourage innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. Our success is built on this. We value the opportunity to be part of Energy Global Investments team. We realize opportunity, respecting different ways of thinking and the contribution of others.



We always act honestly and fairly. We honor our promises. We earn the trust of our clients, colleagues, community and shareholders through the quality of our work and our high ethical standards.We have the courage to speak up when we make a mistake or see something that doesn't seem right.



With opportunity, comes accountability.We are accountable for all our actions, to our clients, our community, our shareholders and each other. We never compromise our standards.We take responsibility for our actions and everything we say and do is on record. We analyze and manage risk, and we make decisions we are proud of.

Investment Plans

Invest with us and let us invest for you, you don’t have to consider the risk of investing in capital market. Choose any investment plan and let us manage all the risk for you and please note that each investment (deposit) last for 24 months.

$ 100 - 99,999.00

  • 18% Money Return
  • Deposit Included In Payment
  • Reinvestment Available
  • 1 Month Profit Accrual
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$ 100,000 - 499,999 .00

  • 20% Money Return
  • Deposit Included In Payment
  • Reinvestment Available
  • 1 Month Profit Accrual
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$ 1,000,000 + .00

  • 30% Money Return
  • Deposit Included In Payment
  • Reinvestment Available
  • 1 Month Profit Accrual
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Earn money by calling your friends!

Energy Global Investments offers 10% referral bonus for first person referral, 5% referral bonus for second person referral and 3% referral bonus for third person referral.

Best Affiliate

We are successful because of our Customers and Affiliate partners. We don't forget this, and we want to say thank you by providing the best rate Payback Program with the highest payouts!


Rewarding Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program is so well paying, it would be a big loss not to use it! In fact, we pay not just one, but 3 LEVELS deep! With our Affiliate program you can build a long term stable & passive income on the Internet.


Payback Program

Everyone who joins this program will get paid every day, 7 days a week! It's free to use and earn money with TrustedPaidAds.


Promotion Tools

Receive Your own free rotators, You can even build a down line and earn money from their purchases!



Please note: Every withdrawal will be processed within 24 hours.


Withdrawal Rules

Any client can withdraw his or her profit after two weeks of investment, but cannot withdraw invested amount.


Emergency Withdraw

We know how much money can be important! Need Emergency Withdraw? You can withdraw your investment and close your account anytime but in that case you have pay 20% fee of your investment considering your money is seeding.

Members Benefits

Earn Money with Trusted Paid Ads Revenue Sharing Program! Upto 10% of Your Invest.